Diverging Approach: The Yard Social Club Blog

Welcome to Diverging Approach, the official blog of The Yard Social Club! In addition to regular site updates, I’ll be using this space to post some transit-related ramblings from time to time in the hopes of entertaining, educating, and encouraging changes in the Chicago regional transportation network. This blog will be updated occasionally, but like everything else on this website it’s a labor of love so updates may be in fits and starts.

As for the blog name, I chose “Diverging Approach” for three reasons:

  1. “Diverging Approach” is a railroad signal aspect, commonly shown as a red signal over a yellow signal. This aspect indicates that the switch ahead is aligned for a train to change tracks at low speed.
  2. This blog will likely provide some food for thought for potential ways Metra can improve, literally offering a “diverging approach” to how the railroad is run.
  3. And last but not least, I can easily abbreviate references to Diverging Approach as “DA blog”, which fits right in with everything else in Chicago.

Comments will be turned on for most DA blog posts, so feel free to join the conversation and leave your two cents.  New Diverging Approach posts will also automatically pop up on The Yard Social Club’s Twitter (@YardSocialClub), so follow along there to not miss an update.


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