Advocate Resources

Use our datasets to advocate for real change in our suburban transit network. Or use it to settle bets at the bar, you know, whatever.

Metra Trip Log

The Diverging Approach Metra Trip Log is an active database of nearly 700 individual Metra trips since Labor Day 2018 taken by riders who are willing to take 30 seconds to tell us how their trip went. Log new trips here (or below), and check out the aggregated results here. If you’d like to check out the crosstabs and get a full download of the data, send us a DM on Twitter.

Board Directory

If you live in the six-county Chicago region, you’re a constituent of someone on Metra’s board. If you’d like to find your Metra director, or your Citizen Advisory Board representative, use this map. Director biographies can be found on Metra’s website.

PABST Station Report

Our updated PABST Station Report gives you an instant cheat sheet to sound knowledgeable about each and every one of Metra’s 200+ suburban stations. Simply pick your stop and get wise with a generated narrative as well as cold hard parking, accessibility, boarding, service, and trend data. Data in the PABST report comes from RTAMS, the RTA’s data portal. For more information about this report, check out the blog post.

String Charts

New! Transit-styled string chart visualizations for each Metra line. Half map, half schedule, 100% nerdy. Dive in.