About The Yard Social Club

What is The Yard Social Club?
The suburbs often get a bad reputation in terms of things to do and unique places to explore.  While there are undoubtedly plenty of soulless shopping malls, massive parking lots, and crowded ginormous freeways here in suburban Chicagoland, there are also dozens of small, traditional downtown cores surviving and thriving that too often go overlooked.

Since 2002, we’ve been hosting parties, events, get-togethers, and all sorts of social occasions to bring people together and explore new places.  Starting from modest beginnings — The Yard was (and still is) a simple gathering place in the backyard of a typical suburban home — The Yard Social Club has evolved to host larger-scale events with a mission to Support Sustainable Suburbia by patronizing local businesses; exploring walkable, sustainable neighborhoods and communities; and familiarizing infrequent transit users with suburban transit options.  But more importantly, we’re here to bring people together and have a good time.

Join us!
There are a wide variety of ways you can get involved with The Yard Social Club, but the easiest way is to simply show up at our next public event.  And the easiest way to do that is to become a Fan of The Yard Social Club on Facebook or by following us on Twitter.

The Yard Beer Pong League
Historically, The Yard also hosted a variety of backyard sporting event tournaments, including bags, bocce, and beer pong.  The Yard Beer Pong League (YBPL), currently idle, is a series of invitation-only beer pong tournaments providing players with opportunities to win trophies and cash prizes.  While the league has been mostly dormant since 2014, the league’s official rule book, Official Rules for Beer Pong at The Yard, is regarded by many to be one of the most comprehensive set of beer pong rules and regulations assembled in a single document.  The Tenth Edition of the Official Rules for Beer Pong at The Yard is now available.