We’re from the suburbs, and for the suburbs: since 2002, The Yard Social Club serves suburban Chicago by making transit fun. Tag along on one of our Train Crawls, or dive into our resources to plan your own suburban excursion. Give your car a break this weekend and see where transit can take you!

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Train Crawl Resources

Get out and explore the suburbs on a Train Crawl: buy a Metra $10 Weekend Pass or a Metra Round Trip Plus pass, grab a schedule, and be merry throughout the six-county region all while your car rests comfortably in your garage or on your driveway.

Getting Started

Not sure where to begin planning your day riding the rails? Check out our tips and tricks based on our years of experience planning train crawls throughout Chicagoland.

The Ultimate Train Crawl Map

Check out our interactive map detailing every commuter rail station in the Chicago area with basic schedule information, station-area amenities, and some of our favorite stops throughout the region.

Travel Guides and Train Schedules

Basic information about each of the commuter rail lines serving the Chicago area, with direct links to official schedules by the service providers and our line-by-line weekday and weekend guides to help you plan your trip from start to finish.  Our guides include bidirectional schedules, fare information, recommended venues, transit connections, and more.

Train Crawl Schedule Archive

Grab one of our off-the-shelf full train crawl schedules from our previous outings.

Crawl Concierge and more

Overwhelmed? Don’t want to deal with the nuts and bolts of planning a full afternoon and evening of bar-hopping? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Maps and Schedules

The Map

Just about every bar within walking distance of a weekend Metra station. Explore the map, or open on your mobile device for an interactive guide to bars while you’re on your train crawl.

Travel Guides

Our Travel Guides include schedules, transfer information, fares, recommended venues, and more. With the launch of Metra’s new Round Trip Plus fares, for the first time we’ve also added weekday afternoon and evening schedules that let you train crawl your way, any day! Click on a line name to download a PDF.

System Guide *Spring 2020 Update!*
Union Pacific North – Weekend *Spring 2020 Update!*
Union Pacific North – Weekday *New for Spring 2020!*
Union Pacific Northwest – Weekend *Spring 2020 Update!*
Union Pacific Northwest – Weekday *New for Spring 2020!*
Union Pacific West *Spring 2020 Update!*
Milwaukee North *Spring 2020 Update!*
North Central Service – Weekday *New for Spring 2020!*
Milwaukee West *Spring 2020 Update!*
BNSF Railway *Spring 2020 Update!*
Heritage Corridor – Weekday *New for Spring 2020!*
SouthWest Service *Spring 2020 Update!*
Rock Island *Spring 2020 Update!*
Metra Electric – Suburban Main Line *Spring 2020 Update!*
Metra Electric – City Main and Branches – Weekend *Spring 2020 Update!*
Metra Electric – City Main and Branches – Weekday *New for Spring 2020!*

For more information on our Travel Guides and our unique naming system, click here.

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Diverging Approach

The way to really blog.

Diverging Approach: Molon Labe

Last fall, the Active Transportation Alliance released their Fair Fares Chicagoland report, a thorough analysis of the fare policies of our region’s three transit boards and made recommendations on how to make Chicagoland transit more accessible and equitable, with a particular focus how to improve for lower-income riders. The primary recommendations focused on reduced fares … Continue reading Diverging Approach: Molon Labe

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