Our Train Crawls

We host two major train crawls every year, generally spaced exactly 26 weeks apart from each other, both on the Milwaukee West. Throughout the year, STAR:LINE Chicago hosts occasional transit-oriented events as well, although these generally are just slightly more academic or professional in nature (but still usually involve drinks with good friends).

Schedules for our past train crawls can be found here, and since Metra doesn’t change weekend schedules too often, most of our old schedules can be pulled out and reused for your next train crawl as well.

For the most up-to-date information regarding our upcoming events, check out The Yard Social Club’s Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

St. Patrick’s Day – Saturday before (or of) March 17

Itasca’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities pre-date our involvement by decades — some long-time regulars claim it dates as far back as 1961 — but it continues to be one of our favorite events of the year. (At least two now-married couples first met at the Itasca St. Patrick’s Day festivities.) The party starts at 9am with the Itasca St. Patrick’s Day Parade: and we are the parade, walking a block and a half from the corner of Grove and Maple Streets to the Itasca Metra station with about seventy (70, not a typo) of your new best friends. From there, we take Metra downtown for more merriment on the streets of Chicago.

If this sounds like your kind of train crawl, check out our Facebook event page for more information.

OktoberWest – First Saturday after Labor Day

Prost! We head back to the Milwaukee West in the fall for OktoberWest, our now-annual international train crawl. In 2019, our stops include a Polish bar just inside Chicago city limits; both an Irish bar and a Mexican bar in Franklin Park; an Italian pizza pub in Itasca; and a good old fashioned American roadhouse in Hanover Park. Every OktoberWest ends up at the Village of Itasca’s annual Oktoberfest street festival in the heart of Itasca’s quaint downtown. More details and tickets are now available!