Crawl Concierge Request Form

COVID-19 Update: Illinois remains under a shelter-in-place order; all bars and non-takeout/delivery restaurants will remain closed until further notice. Additionally, social distancing recommendations will likely continue beyond the shelter-in-place order. As such, The Yard Social Club will not offer Crawl Concierge services for any trips before Friday, June 26, 2020. Through the shelter-in-place order, we are happy to help you plan trips for later in the summer, so please contact us using the form below.

Want to plan your own train crawl for an upcoming event, but don’t want to deal with figuring out logistics and schedules? Let The Yard Social Club’s Crawl Concierge plan your train crawl for you! Fill out this form and let us know when and where you want to do your train crawl and some basic parameters and we’ll plan your perfect crawl for you!

Be sure to check out our Weekend Guides to start getting some ideas on what’s available, train frequency, and transit connections to get to and from your crawl. Or, check out our Train Crawl Schedule Archive to see if there are any “off-the-shelf” pre-planned train crawls available to use.

Please allow us 1-2 business days to contact you about any request refinements or clarifications that may be necessary, and 3-5 additional business days to put together your schedule.