St. Patrick’s Day Train Tickets Now Available!

Train tickets for our annual Itasca St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl are now available! As in previous years, we have a special discounted ticket available for our two official crawl trains. To save time and avoid hassles on the day of the event, this year prices will change depending on when you buy your tickets:

  • Yard Social Special: Buy your tickets on the Snowball Crawl for $6.
  • Standard Pricing: Starting February 1, tickets will be available for $6.50.
  • Day of Event: Tickets are $7 the day of the event, a $1 discount from the Weekend Pass.
  • Ride-along Tickets: If you don’t need a crawl ticket (if you plan on buying a $8 Weekend Pass or if you have a Zone E or higher Metra monthly ticket), special ride-along tickets are available for free to make sure you can ride in the reserved car with us.  However, space is limited.

Reserve your tickets now! Pay The Mayor in person (he usually can be found on Saturdays at Tree Guys), or via Chase QuickPay.

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