Pacifica Radio has arrived!

This May, we’re kicking off the 16th season of events at The Yard, an Itasca summer tradition stretching back to 2002. Fifteen years is a lot of time, and we’ve made a lot of memories back there. To this day, “Yard Music” tends to have certain connotations for many of our regulars. In advance of the 16th Annual Blue Party for our regulars this Memorial Day weekend, we’re rolling out five hand-created Spotify playlists based on our fifteen years of events so you can take the typical music of The Yard with you.


Yard Music – Days

Whether you’re spending the afternoon train crawling or you’re preparing for a future engagement, this upbeat-yet-relaxing mix of favorites from the 80s through today is just the ticket.


Yard Music – Nights

One part middle school dance, one part wedding playlist. Grab a s’more and sing along by the bonfire until the beer pong table opens up.


Club Detour

Lace up your skates, we’re going to Coachlite with this mix of classic 1990s and early 2000s dance and EDM (with a few more modern favorites mixed in as well).


The Rental Truck

When you’re driving The Mayor back to Peoria on your way to pick up Mack in Carbondale, you need some upbeat country music to stay awake.


HiFi Power Hour

On a beautiful summer day, sometimes you just want to spend the day outside being active. And sometimes you’d rather grab a stool at a dark bar and have a few beers instead. Abandon all hope, ye who press play.