The Yard Beer Pong League

Since 2009, The Yard Beer Pong League (YBPL) has hosted a variety of invitation-only beer pong tournaments, known for its extensive rule book, distinctive custom tables, and various trophy events.  While the YBPL’s most popular tournament continues to be The Yard Olympics, the YBPL has hosted and awarded a variety of other honors and trophies throughout its history.  Additionally, a point system was set up based on season-long player performance at official YBPL events that was used to award The Governor’s Cup, a season-long most valuable player award annually from 2012 to 2014.

  • The Yard Cup: Awarded to the annual winner of The Yard Olympics.
  • The Mayor’s Cup: Officially in the YBPL Cup series but not necessarily beer pong related, this honor is bestowed to the best performing (a totally subjective honor) non-Yard-Cup-winner at The Yard Olympics.
  • The Centennial Cup: Awarded to the annual (2011-2015) winners of a random-draw doubles tournament.
  • Mixed Doubles Cup: A trophy without an official name, this annual (2011-2015) trophy is awarded to a mixed doubles team with a ladies’-choice team draft.
  • The Century Cup: Regarded by the YBPL as the highest honor in a tournament, The Century Cup is awarded to the winner of the YBPL singles beer pong tournament.
  • The Governor’s Cup: The season-long MVP trophy is awarded to the YBPL player accumulating the highest number of points over the course of a season.

The YBPL is also known for its rule book, the Official Beer Pong Rules of The Yard, an extensive document of rules, regulations, and variations officially allowed and disallowed during both free play and tournament play at YBPL events.  A Tenth Edition of the rule book is now available.  While the YBPL is currently idle, the Official Beer Pong Rules of The Yard remains a valuable reference document for many beer pong players.