Join The Yard Social Club

The Yard Social Club’s stated mission is to Support Sustainable Suburbia, and we do that by planning events that patronize local businesses; exploring walkable, sustainable suburban neighborhoods and communities; and familiarizing infrequent transit users to suburban transit options.  To further those goals, we try to organize events throughout the suburbs that explore a variety of communities and businesses, but more importantly we try to organize events that are fun.

If you want to stay informed for all of our events and even if you want to help us host them, there are a variety of ways for you to become part of The Yard Social Club.

Fan of The Yard Social Club
Cost: Free

The easiest way to support The Yard Social Club is to show up to our events, but the easiest way to do that is to become a Fan of The Yard Social Club on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter so you never miss an upcoming event.

Patron of The Yard Social Club
Cost: Starting at $1 a month

For the last fifteen years, we’ve simply ate the overhead costs of hosting events at The Yard and for our train crawls.  As we move into 2017 and put more of a focus on our train crawls and fulfilling our mission statement, we’ll be hosting fewer events at The Yard itself and more throughout the region.  To do that, we do still have some basic overhead charges (website hosting, printing, etc.), but we’ll never charge any additional fees for our events beyond transit fares and the food and drink each person cares to consume. We’re also not going to go through all the work of becoming a registered non-profit or trying to seriously monetize The Yard Social Club.  If you want to give us a buck or two a month to help us defer costs, it’s appreciated, but the best way to support The Yard Social Club remains simply showing up at our events to have fun with us.  Patrons will also get a few added perks based on donation level including upcoming event information before it hits social media, early registration for limited-ticket events such as St. Patrick’s Day, free weekend Metra passes for The Yard Social Club events, and other goodies.

Supporter of The Yard Beer Pong League
Cost: $8.99

While we didn’t write the book on beer pong, we did write a book on beer pong, which is now available.  In its Tenth Edition, the Official Rules for Beer Pong at The Yard remains one of the most thorough beer pong rule books ever written and continues to guide game play for official Yard Beer Pong League matches and tournaments.  For the first time, the rule book is professionally published and available for purchase.  Proceeds from the rule book’s sales go to cover our overhead for The Yard Social Club events.

Sponsor of The Yard Social Club
Cost: Variable

Similar to patrons, if you run a business and you want to help The Yard Social Club do our thing, please contact us about becoming a sponsor.  We can add you to our Ultimate Train Crawl map for people who want to plan their own crawls, include you on our site and on our print handouts we distribute at each event, and/or we can make sure we stop by next time we crawl on the line closest to you.  In lieu of an official sponsorship fee or charge, we’re always interested in The Yard Social Club-exclusive specials on food or drinks to help us get more people on the crawl (and more customers to your establishment).  Note that the target distance to be included on a crawl is a ten-minute or less walk from the nearest train station.

Member of The Yard Social Club
Cost: Free

Official membership to The Yard Social Club is by invitation only, with full members receiving invitations to exclusive events back at The Yard itself. Membership does not have any additional costs, nor can you buy your way into being a member.  The best way to become a full member is to become a regular at our public events and get to know the group better.